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Musicians Appreciation Day

It's "Musicians Appreciation Day" here at Doc Holliday's! Every Thursday starting at 5 P.M. So grab your guitar, saxophone, eucalady, kazoo, chop stix, your voice box, and have some fun with us!


Jason Abel Project

Gemini Birthday Bash! Saturday, June 15th at 9 PM - 1 AM


Saturday June 29th @9PM They just released their new single "Move On" !

S.O.B.'s June Bike Night

This event is set up to raise money to support our 12th annual SOB's ride on December 21st, 2019. We will hold a raffle and be selling tickets for a grand prize that will be drawn for at our November 12th bike night.

GAA Sponsor and Volunteer Appreciation Day

Guardians Against Abuse wants to say thanks. From 2pm to 6pm June 9th Everyone Wearing GAA shirts gets free food Everyone Wearing GAA shirts gets tickets for raffle prizes Come enjoy live music with Cat and the Sly Dawgs.